Friday, June 17, 2011

My elderly animlas...

We are approaching a time that we will be saying good bye to several of our loved animals.
Let me introduce you....

This is our little jack Russel mix we have had since my very soon to be seventeen year old daughter was four.
She would camp with us when our kids were young. In fact she was our tent protector. She would sleep in the kids' tents and not allow anybody to come near at night!

When we got her, the animal shelter had no idea how old she was. The vet said she could be one, she could be as old as four. Well it has been 12 years since she came to live her. So she is a nice old lady with failing vision,joints and hearing. She is still my daughters best friend and will leave her so sad.

Here is my old man...

This is Harley. He has been here since 1999!!
I adopted him from a South Bend police officer. He was taken from the breeders due to abuse. When he came to live here he was 6 weeks old. He had been away from his Mom for two weeks. So he needed a lot of training and I used clicker training to train him. He has always gone camping with us. He has gone on lots of long hikes. He is a wonderful loving dog. He even counts the chicks when they are inside. He is a wonderful, loving gentle giant. My hear breaks to know I will not have him this fall. He has end stage cancer. It is everywhere. Life is just about comfort for him now. And it is my privilege to make him as comfortable as I can.

Here is Ginger ...

I do not ask him to move often, i do not clip his nails as holding him down causes pain. He is the love of my life.
She came here with my MIL. She is 16 and suffers from neurological issues. She is now falling,losing hair and just sleeps. She is a quite, gentle cat. She has made my oldest a happy young lady. I will be sorry to let her go.

Thank you all for taking a moment to look at all my elderly animals.
Say a prayer for them, as we will be saying good bye to them all soon.


  1. Awww...thanks for sharing, Ang! I can't wait to meet them. See you soon!!

  2. I'm going to miss Harley too ... even though he crushed my legs all night long when we stayed with you guys at the campsite in Michigan LOL. He's such a cuddle bunny!!!!


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