Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a hot day it is...

The humidity is really effecting everything, even us humans. I am afraid it is gonna be a really hot and humid summer. I need to get to shaving the llama and goats. It will make all this heat much easier on them.
I have gotten most of my planting done. Here is some of my gardens...
 Here is my small herb/flower garden, it is around our well head. I have some rhubarb,oregano, and then a butterfly bush and two other flowering bush.
Here is my large herb garden. I have lavender,peppermint,spearmint,basil,cilantro,lemon balm,dill seeds and parsley seeds planted. I also planted some daisy bushes in here for more color.
 Here are my two rows of tomatoes with marigolds in between each. I planted 36 tomato plants.
Here is a pic of my raised flower bed. I have a lot of flowers in here. Tiger Lilly's,a rose bush,snap dragons,dianthisis, and many more.

Here is a picture of my cauliflower,broccoli and cabbage. You can also see my rows of pas and beans and the un planted area. I will use this un planted area for sweet potatoes and more beans and peas later.

I had my daughter take some great pictures of some of the animals. so here is a little tour of our "farm".

    Here is Dillan. He is just over 8 weeks old. He is one of the two withers.
 Here is June. She is just over 1. She will be breed soon for some fall babies.

Here is Bella and Ruth. Bella is just over 1 and Ruth is 8weeks. Ruth was my only doeling born and will be retained. Bella will be breed for some fall babies too.

Here is Fawn. She is the only horned doe I have. She is just over one. She will also be breed for some fall babies.

Here is some of my chickens. You can see my turkin rooster.
Here[above] is Cotton. She was freshened for the first time this year. She had twins. A doe, Ruth and a Buck, Daniel.

 Here is my young bucks and withers. In this pic. is Daniel [brown and white buck] , Dillan he was also pictured above, and Eclipse he is another buckling.

 Here is the same pen. In this picture you can see Dillan again,Eclipse and Twilight.Twilight is one of my withers. He and Eclipse were from a set of triplets to another one of my does, Twinkle. I sold her other wither, O'Ryan.

 Here is Morocco. He is one of my new bucks. He is as sweet as they come. He will make a great addition to this farm. I am excited to see what he throws. He did a good job over at Fairland Farms.

 Her is our sweet llama, Ruby. She has been with us for three years. I love her dearly.

Here is Festus. He came to us a buck. He is not what I want from a buck so he was withered.

Here is Carmel. He was the buck that bred all of this years does. He is a good buck. He is smart, gentle and always does his job!

Here is Daisy. She is my moms horse. She will soon join the other farm we have and will be with the cows. There is just not enough land for horses here. I want to have mainly goats here.
 The is my horse Ruby. She is an Arab. I love her. She does not ride that well, but is a good companion.

 Here is Tango and Twinkle. Tango is a great milker and is a great mom.She had twin buckling's. One of her buckling was Dillan.
 Twinkle is the doe that had the triplets.She is learning to be a good milker. She has a nice pedigree and is a really good doe. Just needs to get better with handling.

I hope you all enjoyed a look at my place. I will post some pics of my baby chicks and turkeys and more of the goats later.
Good day to you all!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Goats for sale

Here is the list of the goats I have for sale right now...

I have Fawn, she is a one year ole doe. Never been freshened. CAE negative has a clean bill of health. She is current on all vaccinations. She is horned. I am currently working on her lead training. She loves to sit next to you and is coming along well.

Here is some of this years kids for sale.
I currently have 1 buck for sale, His doe is a nice doe, good milk, and threw a beautiful set of triplets for her first freshening. I am asking 200.00 for him.

This is his dam, she has excellent bloodlines.

I also have his brother, who is withered.  For sale, he is 75.00 He looks just like Eclipse, but a slightly longer body.

And the here is Dillan. He is also a wither. He is really friendly, loves attention and is very well behaved.

I also have some other goats I would consider selling. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these goats.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some new pictures...

I finaly had time and decent weather to take some pictures of some of my new goats and the kids.

So this is Butterfly.

This is June Bug.

This is Bella.

This is Fawn.

And here are the kids.
From left to right in the front we have Twilight [all black with white spot on head], Ruth [my only doe kid], Lil Joe [blonde with white spots],Dillan [chamoisee with a dark strip down his back and some on his legs], Eclipse [all black with a small white spot on head] and then in back we have Daniel [he is a pretty little pinto] and then O'Ryan [is  black and white ]

We have disbudded, trimmed hoves and will be wethering some this week. I will be selling some, so please contact me for a price list and some pics and descriptions.
We are busy busy busy here. We have the new land that needs fencing and a barn. Gardens are going in, not to mention milking, cheese making and just the general care of all our four legged friends.

Well lots to do. Good Day all!

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