Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some new pictures...

I finaly had time and decent weather to take some pictures of some of my new goats and the kids.

So this is Butterfly.

This is June Bug.

This is Bella.

This is Fawn.

And here are the kids.
From left to right in the front we have Twilight [all black with white spot on head], Ruth [my only doe kid], Lil Joe [blonde with white spots],Dillan [chamoisee with a dark strip down his back and some on his legs], Eclipse [all black with a small white spot on head] and then in back we have Daniel [he is a pretty little pinto] and then O'Ryan [is  black and white ]

We have disbudded, trimmed hoves and will be wethering some this week. I will be selling some, so please contact me for a price list and some pics and descriptions.
We are busy busy busy here. We have the new land that needs fencing and a barn. Gardens are going in, not to mention milking, cheese making and just the general care of all our four legged friends.

Well lots to do. Good Day all!

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