Friday, June 17, 2011

My elderly animlas...

We are approaching a time that we will be saying good bye to several of our loved animals.
Let me introduce you....

This is our little jack Russel mix we have had since my very soon to be seventeen year old daughter was four.
She would camp with us when our kids were young. In fact she was our tent protector. She would sleep in the kids' tents and not allow anybody to come near at night!

When we got her, the animal shelter had no idea how old she was. The vet said she could be one, she could be as old as four. Well it has been 12 years since she came to live her. So she is a nice old lady with failing vision,joints and hearing. She is still my daughters best friend and will leave her so sad.

Here is my old man...

This is Harley. He has been here since 1999!!
I adopted him from a South Bend police officer. He was taken from the breeders due to abuse. When he came to live here he was 6 weeks old. He had been away from his Mom for two weeks. So he needed a lot of training and I used clicker training to train him. He has always gone camping with us. He has gone on lots of long hikes. He is a wonderful loving dog. He even counts the chicks when they are inside. He is a wonderful, loving gentle giant. My hear breaks to know I will not have him this fall. He has end stage cancer. It is everywhere. Life is just about comfort for him now. And it is my privilege to make him as comfortable as I can.

Here is Ginger ...

I do not ask him to move often, i do not clip his nails as holding him down causes pain. He is the love of my life.
She came here with my MIL. She is 16 and suffers from neurological issues. She is now falling,losing hair and just sleeps. She is a quite, gentle cat. She has made my oldest a happy young lady. I will be sorry to let her go.

Thank you all for taking a moment to look at all my elderly animals.
Say a prayer for them, as we will be saying good bye to them all soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Real Estate ...

I have moved to a new brokerage for my real estate business. I am very excited about my move. It will allow me to better serve the community I live in. I have been with this new company for only a couple of weeks and the difference is incredible. I have been showing properties more, working more and can see the potential for my business to boom!
I wanted to share my companies website with you all...
I hope you all can  take a moment and check it out. I appreciate all of you that follow me and if you ever give my name out for goats or real estate I appreciate the referral.

Enjoy the beautiful day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What a hot day it is...

The humidity is really effecting everything, even us humans. I am afraid it is gonna be a really hot and humid summer. I need to get to shaving the llama and goats. It will make all this heat much easier on them.
I have gotten most of my planting done. Here is some of my gardens...
 Here is my small herb/flower garden, it is around our well head. I have some rhubarb,oregano, and then a butterfly bush and two other flowering bush.
Here is my large herb garden. I have lavender,peppermint,spearmint,basil,cilantro,lemon balm,dill seeds and parsley seeds planted. I also planted some daisy bushes in here for more color.
 Here are my two rows of tomatoes with marigolds in between each. I planted 36 tomato plants.
Here is a pic of my raised flower bed. I have a lot of flowers in here. Tiger Lilly's,a rose bush,snap dragons,dianthisis, and many more.

Here is a picture of my cauliflower,broccoli and cabbage. You can also see my rows of pas and beans and the un planted area. I will use this un planted area for sweet potatoes and more beans and peas later.

I had my daughter take some great pictures of some of the animals. so here is a little tour of our "farm".

    Here is Dillan. He is just over 8 weeks old. He is one of the two withers.
 Here is June. She is just over 1. She will be breed soon for some fall babies.

Here is Bella and Ruth. Bella is just over 1 and Ruth is 8weeks. Ruth was my only doeling born and will be retained. Bella will be breed for some fall babies too.

Here is Fawn. She is the only horned doe I have. She is just over one. She will also be breed for some fall babies.

Here is some of my chickens. You can see my turkin rooster.
Here[above] is Cotton. She was freshened for the first time this year. She had twins. A doe, Ruth and a Buck, Daniel.

 Here is my young bucks and withers. In this pic. is Daniel [brown and white buck] , Dillan he was also pictured above, and Eclipse he is another buckling.

 Here is the same pen. In this picture you can see Dillan again,Eclipse and Twilight.Twilight is one of my withers. He and Eclipse were from a set of triplets to another one of my does, Twinkle. I sold her other wither, O'Ryan.

 Here is Morocco. He is one of my new bucks. He is as sweet as they come. He will make a great addition to this farm. I am excited to see what he throws. He did a good job over at Fairland Farms.

 Her is our sweet llama, Ruby. She has been with us for three years. I love her dearly.

Here is Festus. He came to us a buck. He is not what I want from a buck so he was withered.

Here is Carmel. He was the buck that bred all of this years does. He is a good buck. He is smart, gentle and always does his job!

Here is Daisy. She is my moms horse. She will soon join the other farm we have and will be with the cows. There is just not enough land for horses here. I want to have mainly goats here.
 The is my horse Ruby. She is an Arab. I love her. She does not ride that well, but is a good companion.

 Here is Tango and Twinkle. Tango is a great milker and is a great mom.She had twin buckling's. One of her buckling was Dillan.
 Twinkle is the doe that had the triplets.She is learning to be a good milker. She has a nice pedigree and is a really good doe. Just needs to get better with handling.

I hope you all enjoyed a look at my place. I will post some pics of my baby chicks and turkeys and more of the goats later.
Good day to you all!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Goats for sale

Here is the list of the goats I have for sale right now...

I have Fawn, she is a one year ole doe. Never been freshened. CAE negative has a clean bill of health. She is current on all vaccinations. She is horned. I am currently working on her lead training. She loves to sit next to you and is coming along well.

Here is some of this years kids for sale.
I currently have 1 buck for sale, His doe is a nice doe, good milk, and threw a beautiful set of triplets for her first freshening. I am asking 200.00 for him.

This is his dam, she has excellent bloodlines.

I also have his brother, who is withered.  For sale, he is 75.00 He looks just like Eclipse, but a slightly longer body.

And the here is Dillan. He is also a wither. He is really friendly, loves attention and is very well behaved.

I also have some other goats I would consider selling. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these goats.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some new pictures...

I finaly had time and decent weather to take some pictures of some of my new goats and the kids.

So this is Butterfly.

This is June Bug.

This is Bella.

This is Fawn.

And here are the kids.
From left to right in the front we have Twilight [all black with white spot on head], Ruth [my only doe kid], Lil Joe [blonde with white spots],Dillan [chamoisee with a dark strip down his back and some on his legs], Eclipse [all black with a small white spot on head] and then in back we have Daniel [he is a pretty little pinto] and then O'Ryan [is  black and white ]

We have disbudded, trimmed hoves and will be wethering some this week. I will be selling some, so please contact me for a price list and some pics and descriptions.
We are busy busy busy here. We have the new land that needs fencing and a barn. Gardens are going in, not to mention milking, cheese making and just the general care of all our four legged friends.

Well lots to do. Good Day all!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wet Weather...

I hope all of you are doing well during what has been a stormy spring. I am hoping all these storms are about to leave us. It is making my life harder. With all of theses storms we have a lot of mud and standing water. Of course this mud is worse in front of the barn. It will be a job leveling all of it out after all this rain dies down.
Last year we dug a drainage trench from between the two big stalls at the top of our hill. It has helped, but the horses are not leaving the front of the barn so all this mud mixed with all their manure is making it all worse.

I had the vet out to check out my 6 new goats and to castrate a calf and goat. I also had all horses vaccinated. Then next week the vet will be back to wether all but 2 of my 6 kid goats. Then we will be saying goodbye to some of the kids as they will leaving us for their new homes.

I just bought some new herbs, tomato plants, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. I am hoping to at least get the herbs in the ground tomorrow and then the rest in this weekend along with some more seeds. All this rain seems to have washed away some of my seedlings and possibly rotted my potatoes!

Good day to all of you!

Monday, April 11, 2011


So our kids [baby goats] are getting big! They spend a lot of time outside on the nice days and we have even moved our little Ruth to the barn. They are all on bottles now as I am milking all three does. Now bottle feeding seven kids is a chore. We are trying to come up with a system so that we are not allowing bad behavior or one kid stealing too much food. So in our attempt to keep things better organized we added two new stalls to our barn. This is going to help with our kidding next year and with keeping kids away from moms. It is always amazing to me how goats can escape anything. We built four foot high stall walls and 3 1/2 foot gates with a board running across the top. I have one doe Twinkle who can still manage to squeeze out! And believe it or not our little Ruth, the bottle feed, smallest kid we have can jump out too! She jumps higher then any of the bucklings! So I have gone to placing a gate across the new pens on top of the gates on the stalls!

My father in law is purchasing some acreage down the road as his retirement home and will be closing on it soon. He is buying five acres and allowing us to use three acres as we please. So this is the best answer for the horses and cows. This will also free up my two acres for more goats. I know this land will take some work, putting up fences and a barn/lean to. Not to mention driving to care for the animals. It is only five miles away so it will be an easy quick drive. But I can not help but already planning what I am gonna do with the extra room here! It is amazing what we can all do with just a little bit of land. If you rotate animal's, and use good management, you can keep healthy happy animals on small acreage. So in my head I am growing my goat business, raising more poultry and allowing more room for gardens.

I hope you all are happy and healthy as we enter this wonderful time of year.

Well here are some new pictures. ENJOY!
Here is our Ruth, when she was inside.
She is such a couch goat!

Here are all seven kids!

And Again!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It has been a long week...

It has been a long week. Have any of you had one of those weeks or maybe days? You know the ones, where you feel tired just getting up. I have been really sick. Let me tell you if I am saying I was sick, it was bad. I usually just grim and bear it. I have told my girls many times smile, nod and keep going. That is what I do.But this week, well really two, have not been good.

I have had a showing fall thru, and a FSBO that gave me a hard time, even though I sold his land! I am closing that deal nest week. And I am still trying to get my farm running better.

Had a sick baby goat, who pulled thru and is now doing great. Getting used to another horse and goat here has been hard. I have small dairy goats. This goat is a pushy giant Nubian mix that is full of bad habits. He even broke down a fence to get to the horse.  And then today I lost one of my favorite hens. She was so egg bound her abdomen was swollen and purple. I guess in my own sick days I did not notice her illness. I have been wanting to get all my kids on bottles and no more moms. I just do not have the time. I feel exhausted all the time.

I hope all my followers are doing good and having better luck.
God Bless you all!

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well today was the day we took our kids to another Nigerian goat farm and she burned off all the horns. I was prepared to do this. Now I am not so sure. I love my kids, I want the best for them. And not having horns makes them more saleable, not to mention safer; for people and goats. Yet watching Dawn hold down my little cute kids... hmm... not sure I could do it. I love each and everyone. Now don't get me wrong; they will all go [besides the doe]. But burning horns take a special touch. Too hot, too long can cause damage. Not hot enough or long enough can cause scurs. Just takes a special touch!

I have been working on getting more milk. And let me tell you, I am not doing bad. My older doe, Tango is giving 2-3 quarts of milk daily. While my junioe doe, Cotton is giving 1-2 quarts daily. Now as for Twinkle, we are working on it. She has always hated to be showen, or walked and miking is no different! She flips all over the place. I hope I can keep my cool and keep working on it. I find it hard, but am not giving up.
I recieved my first cheese kit. I am so anxious to make us some cheese. I hope to begin the process this weekend. I will try! We are moving cattle, a horse and a nubian goat. I know this can be a long job. I am ready!

Spring is in the air! I can feel it! Can't smell it, I have a cold, but I surely can feel it!
I have a lot to get done, so I must go for now.
Enjoy the fresh spring air!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So started my garden...

I started some seeds in my new cold frame today. I should have gotten started earlier, but it has been busy here.
I have some pics. here of the cold frame and the starts...
 here is a view of both side closed. It is a large cold frame.

Here it is with the doors propped open.

Here is a view looking in.

I also started my onion sets and potatoes. I can not believe we finally got it all in the ground. We did a total of 176 onion sets, and 5 lbs. of russet potatoes. I started tomaotes, cucumbers, squash, basil, dill, lemon balm, and so much more. I will post more on all of that later.
Enjoy the spring!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

cold frames...

I love my gardden. I love all the food we harvest from it and I love all that we save by gardening. I have not bought a can of tomatoes [any kind, juice, spaghetti sauce etc] for years. I prefer our homemade salsa over any store bought! Now I do all of this with just my garden. No cold frames or green houses. I have asked repeatedly for a cold frame.
My husband is a city guy. And a cold frame has been a foreign language to him. I tried showing pictures, driving down the back roads I showed him some different methods cold frames. Still he was relutant to build me one. So last year when we replaced our bedroom windows, seven windows in all. I kept all the old windows knowing I could make a cold frame.
Now that my parents are living in our basement apartment it seems these two men [Dad and Hubs] have developed a competitive way! They tilled my garden for the first time this year, and made a cold frame! A COLD FRAME! I have been asking for one for at least three years.
Now these two men have been kicking out the projects left and right. My hubby even went to bed tonight so exhausted! I think my land is gonna look good this year!

Our days are longer and we are busier. I am milking for my little Ruth [only doe born], doing daily chores,preparing for garden season ,4-H , showing more houses and working Real Estate more and not to mention cooking for 8, and trying to keep up the house. Now do not get me wrong, my kids, MIL,hubs, and parents are helping. But I am a bit of a control freak and do alot of it or plan the projects to be worked on.
With all of this going on I literally do not even sit down till 8pm most nights! Now I only hope this helps the weight loss!

I will take some pictures of my new cold frames soon. I will also post my garden plans soon. Yes I have been working on my garden plans too!

Good day to you all! And enjoy the weather!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Losing my mind...

As I earlier stated my parents , moved in this weekend. It has been a long process. We moved three vehicles full, three times on Saturday, and Two vehicles once on Sunday. Now we are try ing to get everything put away , get everybody organized and not to mention we do not have the one counter top yet! So with out it, we can't put anything in those cabinets. I am a picky house keeper. It doesn't have to to be spotless, just clean. I hate piles of dirt on floors, or stuff stacked in corners or chaos! And believe me this house is in chaos.
Now on that I have that off my shoulders!

These little goat kids are great! I love them all; Even though we got mainly bucks! I ended up bottle feeding my only doe. Her mom had a hard time during delivery. Then the doe was born with a lack of oxygen. So she had a hard start. She is noow doing great. She eats, pees, poos and even climbs all over my den. I wanted her to exercise. So I took books and small totes and made a play area! She loves it! She climbs up, then jumps off! She is going to be spoiled. I hope she remembers she is a goat and not a dog!

Our weather here is getting better and better; at least for now! I am ready to get some yard work done. I also want to let the goats get some exercise. I hope everybody ahs a great week and enjoys some great weather!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Last Doe...

Well early this morning my last pregnant doe went into labor. It was the hardest delivery so far. Both kids were trying to come out at the same time. So what I was seeing was four legs. Two front legs to one and two back ones to the other. I was finally able to call the vet, and calm myself down to sort out the legs. I shoved the back ones back and then it happened again, this time the head was visible. So I pushed the back legs back again and it worked.
 This kids was still hard for my doe to deliver. He weighed in at 3.75lbs! What a big boy! Then Cotton [mom] was just licking up the ground and ignoring her baby. I helped clean him off. She finally caught on to the clean up effort and was licking him. Then out came the next set of hoofs. It was a back legs first, normal breach. But Cotton was exhausted and was not pushing well. I finally got the baby delivered. It was my one and only girl! I was trying hard to get her going. She was trying to breathe, her tongue was to one side and she still couldn't do it. I ended up hanging her upside down and giving her a little swing. She was then pinking up and breathing. But still no noise. I tried to get Cotton to help. The vet tried to get Cotton to help this little girl out. She just didn't get it. I ended up bring in the baby girl and will be hand raising her. She is a sweet little thing. She is still unsteady on her feet. But she does try to get up and she is peeing and is ok. So please pray for her to keep doing well.

Here are the pics..
This is the little buck, his name is Daniel [above]

This the little doe, her name is Ruth.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More kids...

Today we had Triplets! Our beautiful doe Twinkle delivered three beautiful boys. She must have some very dominate genes! They are all primarily black. The delivery went pretty well. The second one was a little too big. I just gently applied pressure and also kept running my finger around her vulva. It helped. She slowly delivered him. He was still in the sac, I broke it open when he hit the ground. He was breathing easily.
I am afraid her milk will take a little to come in enough for all three of these boys.This is Twinkles first freshening.  So I will probably supplement feeding her boys. Our older doe Tango is already too full for her babies to nurse so I could milk her until Twinkle could catch up.
I am a little sleep deprived with another doe showing sign of delivery yet tonight or tomorrow! So not much sleep around here!
Here enjoy this pic of the newest boys...
We are thinking of naming these boys, Twilight , Eclipse and O'Ryan. Any other ideas?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So I have time to explain...

So I went to bed around 9pm. I had my oldest check the goats one more time. Well after she left the barn I noticed there was one doe, Tango who kept crying out.[ I keep a monitor outside] At first every 30 min. Then it got non stop at 11pm. I yelled for my oldest to run to the barn as she was running I was finding pants. As soon as she got to the stall she was yelling! I was running to the barn yelling at my youngest to move it!
By the time we got out there, Dillan was born. He cam out nice and normal, two front feet with a head rested on top! Then I helped mom clean his nose and mouth as she was already pushing with another!
Then out came hind feet first the next. I immediately knew he was breathing, he was breathing in as he was coming out hind feet first. I grabbed and pulled for the next two contractions. Then out popped Lil Joe!
I cleaned his mouth and nose, he was not breathing well so I held him upside down and gave a little shake as I cleaned his mouth. And he started breathing good!
I watched both boys nurse once and I gave them each a squirt of Nutri Drench. It is full of vitamins and is good for them! I also gave mom some grain. She was so hungry. The after birth came out an hour later. She cleaned that up. It is good for her. My oldest daughter was getting sick from watching her clean it up!
Mom and boys are doing good. They are warm and safe in the barn. She is resting and so are they.

So we now have two new bucks...

So here are our two new bucks! Tango, our older doe had two bucks at midnight. It was a quick and easy delivery. We named them Dillan and Lil Joe! Dillan is the more red one, he also has a black srtipe. And lil Joe is more blonde with some white moom spots on his sides!

Monday, March 7, 2011

It is a new week...

It is a brand new week. And what a week it is going to be. I have more barn cleaning to do, pasture planting and getting ready for my parents to move into the basement. Not to mention we still don't have any kids.

 I guess the vets due date and mine may be off. See the "boys" had gotten out twice, a week apart. So I am guessing the later was the actual breeding time. I also understand that first time moms are often hard to predict. Having two first timers, and me being a first timer we are all a little off! I am convinced it will be in the next week! It is amazing how one day these girls look so prego, then the next time I look at them they, they look like they are not pregnant. Twinkle looks to be losing some more of her mucus plug. And for the first time Cotton had a wet looking tail. Twinkle did this a week ago. I was not sure what it was. But I am now sure it is the beginning of losing their plug. It is like they get all wet and even begin getting lubricated, then follows the mucus plug. Now maybe this has more to do with these two being young and small, because Tango has not showed any of these signs. The vet did confirm this. She really felt this wet tail is leaky bladders and lubrication that we can just see more on these two due to their small size and young age.
Now Tango does have a little more milk today. She now has enough milk her teats look like they are full too. So another good sign it will be soon. Well enough of these kids.

Carmel is done getting his shot once a day for his leg that seemed to be sprained. He is now running and walking on it just fine. I tell you those boys are something! They get rowdy and hurt each other, or just plain get into stuff they should not get into! I know this is all normal. Having bucks is a big job! You have to make the pens escape proof, which is near impossible. They do all kinds of crazy things as they mature. I can remember last summer watching them arch their backs, then lift their hind legs a little. I was so scared. Thinking constipation or something bad. So I called one of my mentors. She was laughing! She explained it was a thing young bucks did as they matured. It was another one of those learning things!

I have this great den, where I spend a lot of my time. It is a small room, with a window and a set of atrium doors. In the winter I had these huge curtains over the doors and window. I also stored my lawn stuff on the deck attached to this room. We do not use these doors in the winter. We are planning on replacing them with a single glass door. They where not installed properly by the previous owner and are now leaking. Now seeing spring coming I took down the one set of curtains that covered the doors. After doing chores this morning I was excited to see the chickens out scratching and the "boys" and llama grazing on there hay from the den. I love sitting in here working and watching. If I can't be with them outside I can at least watch them.
Spring is really coming! I am so ready as I am sure you all are! Enjoy it!
Good day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I woke up early this morning to check my does. All was well, but it is pouring out there.It was 49 degrees at 3:30am.  I waited till day was beginning to break to do chores so I could be careful not fall or get stuck in the mud. All this mud is now fun. I just love it when my boot gets stuck in the mud and as I pull the boot comes off and I step in the mud and other stuff!The only other thing that drives me crazy about the mud is thinking of my animals walking in it. Don't get me wrong everybody has a stall and everybody has a way to stay dry. But the horse still needs to go get water. Trust my goats [especially the does] do not go anywhere in mud. They are very picky about their feet getting wet.

Still no real sign of labor in any of my does. I hope to see some soon. Waiting is never a fun thing. I am trying to remain patient. But it is getting harder. I just know they are all gonna wit till next weekend, which you all know is the big move. I can just see it now, everybody else moving my parents, and me in the barn with the goats. What a great excuse not to lift furniture!

I love hearing all the birds again. It is a nice noise and reminds me that spring is really on its way. I can't wait to get all the fences mended, new fences up and start on some garden work. I plan on another good size garden. I will start out with planting peas,cabbage,broccoli,some lettuces and some seeding of herbs. Then in late April early May I will really get going. I plant somewhat earlier then others. I use covers and jugs to protect the precious plants. I like to get as early of a start as possible. The reasons are selfish. I am ready for the dirty work and cant wait to touch my hands to the dirt. But the other reason is I am sick of bagged lettuce and hot house tomatoes. So the earlier I get out there the earlier I can have some food!

I want to take a minute to thank all of you for following me. I love this blog and I hope you all find it informative and fun.

God Bless you all and enjoy your day.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What a great day!
God healed my grandfather , he is going home from the hospital.
I was able to be a little lazy this morning. Then topped the day off with a nap and then dinner with my hubby!
God is great!
Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given to me!

We are still waiting...

Getting ready for our farms first kids' has been a lot of work. Not to mention exhausting work. I have a paper sack full of old towels, shirts and rags. A Rubbermaid container with, gloves, lubricant,meds.,salves and all the other important supplies. I also have a bag full of adult diapers. I know this sounds weird. but they unfold and are large enough I can use them under the does as the babies come out. These were free and are in a surplus, so why not! We also have a baby monitor in the stall with the kids.

We have a divider in our stall the girls are in. I was worried about our dominate doe pushing our other does around. We have been keeping up on our two hour shifts, checking the girls in the barn for labor or even kids. All of the lack of sleep is getting hard, yet I know if we stop it, it will happen. I am not really anxious, just want to be sure I can be there for my girls. I would not want a women to deliver unattended, so it is my intention to be there for my girls.

 So these sleepless nights are reminding me of just how much these little goats mean to me. I have a "job" I work as much as I can. Yet it truly is not my love. These precious goats mean the world to me. Not only have I gotten attached, I enjoy watching them, petting them and creating ways to make our small land work for them. I think my life is taking a change. I am excited to think of the way things are going. for me, my family and this farm.

Until next time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sleep eludes me ...

Sleep seems to be something of a luxury lately. As I have stated before my parents are moving into our basement. This seems to be really hitting my husband and myself hard. My poor hubby works all day, then comes home and works on finishing the apartment every night. He only sits down to eat! I am trying to help him,keep my eyes on my girls in the barn, work on my real estate business and keep the house somewhat livable! I so want a long nap, a day of rest, fun and my hun!
I will be praying for sleep and peace.
I hope everybody is doing good and staying safe.
God bless you all!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just lowered the price...

I just lowered the price on this great home in Shipshewana IN.
This home is on ammost one acre, featuring 3bedrooms, 2 baths and lots of space!
It is such a glorious morning! I can feel spring coming!
I am a busy real estate agent today.
Meeting after meeting
I hope everyone has a great day!
Feel the spring!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Are you a dead christian...

I have just started my devotional this morning. I was so touched by today's teachings.
I must share with you all!
Are we dead Christians? Do we do good things for attention? Do we do good to give?
Do we go to Church the same, return the same? Are we growing or are we fat on the word?
If we are fat on the word, we are not sharing enough.
Do not share or do for others to be seen. Do not let your right hand see what the left is doing.
I hope this little nit touches some of you as it has touched me.
God Bless

Sunday, February 27, 2011

No kids yet...

I was out in the barn every two hours last night. This being my first kidding experience I am so nervous. I want it all to be OK. Years ago I lost a mare to a bad foaling and a bad vet! It nearly killed me. She was a great mare, I miss her daily. I would hate to lose a doe. I love them all so much. It is amazing how special these animals become.
I hope you all remember today is all about the Lord. Rest and Renew your spirit today.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I love a relaxing Saturday!
No real schedule, just doing whatever.
My hubby and I had breakfast at The Gathering Place in Howe.
We bought feed for the month at Lords Grain and then it was
Nap time!
Now that is a Saturday.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Some of our animals...

Here are my Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. These first three are does.
This is Twinkle, she is almost 1 and due any day!

Here is Tango, She is almost 5. She is also due to kid soon.
 Here is Cotton, she is almost 1, and due any day!

Now here is my Arab, Reba.

Here is our Llama, Ruby.

Here is out potbellied pig, Chris
 Now here are my boys! These two are Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats. They are almost 1 and great.
The brown and white one is Carmel and the white one is Casper.

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