Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So I have time to explain...

So I went to bed around 9pm. I had my oldest check the goats one more time. Well after she left the barn I noticed there was one doe, Tango who kept crying out.[ I keep a monitor outside] At first every 30 min. Then it got non stop at 11pm. I yelled for my oldest to run to the barn as she was running I was finding pants. As soon as she got to the stall she was yelling! I was running to the barn yelling at my youngest to move it!
By the time we got out there, Dillan was born. He cam out nice and normal, two front feet with a head rested on top! Then I helped mom clean his nose and mouth as she was already pushing with another!
Then out came hind feet first the next. I immediately knew he was breathing, he was breathing in as he was coming out hind feet first. I grabbed and pulled for the next two contractions. Then out popped Lil Joe!
I cleaned his mouth and nose, he was not breathing well so I held him upside down and gave a little shake as I cleaned his mouth. And he started breathing good!
I watched both boys nurse once and I gave them each a squirt of Nutri Drench. It is full of vitamins and is good for them! I also gave mom some grain. She was so hungry. The after birth came out an hour later. She cleaned that up. It is good for her. My oldest daughter was getting sick from watching her clean it up!
Mom and boys are doing good. They are warm and safe in the barn. She is resting and so are they.

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