Monday, March 7, 2011

It is a new week...

It is a brand new week. And what a week it is going to be. I have more barn cleaning to do, pasture planting and getting ready for my parents to move into the basement. Not to mention we still don't have any kids.

 I guess the vets due date and mine may be off. See the "boys" had gotten out twice, a week apart. So I am guessing the later was the actual breeding time. I also understand that first time moms are often hard to predict. Having two first timers, and me being a first timer we are all a little off! I am convinced it will be in the next week! It is amazing how one day these girls look so prego, then the next time I look at them they, they look like they are not pregnant. Twinkle looks to be losing some more of her mucus plug. And for the first time Cotton had a wet looking tail. Twinkle did this a week ago. I was not sure what it was. But I am now sure it is the beginning of losing their plug. It is like they get all wet and even begin getting lubricated, then follows the mucus plug. Now maybe this has more to do with these two being young and small, because Tango has not showed any of these signs. The vet did confirm this. She really felt this wet tail is leaky bladders and lubrication that we can just see more on these two due to their small size and young age.
Now Tango does have a little more milk today. She now has enough milk her teats look like they are full too. So another good sign it will be soon. Well enough of these kids.

Carmel is done getting his shot once a day for his leg that seemed to be sprained. He is now running and walking on it just fine. I tell you those boys are something! They get rowdy and hurt each other, or just plain get into stuff they should not get into! I know this is all normal. Having bucks is a big job! You have to make the pens escape proof, which is near impossible. They do all kinds of crazy things as they mature. I can remember last summer watching them arch their backs, then lift their hind legs a little. I was so scared. Thinking constipation or something bad. So I called one of my mentors. She was laughing! She explained it was a thing young bucks did as they matured. It was another one of those learning things!

I have this great den, where I spend a lot of my time. It is a small room, with a window and a set of atrium doors. In the winter I had these huge curtains over the doors and window. I also stored my lawn stuff on the deck attached to this room. We do not use these doors in the winter. We are planning on replacing them with a single glass door. They where not installed properly by the previous owner and are now leaking. Now seeing spring coming I took down the one set of curtains that covered the doors. After doing chores this morning I was excited to see the chickens out scratching and the "boys" and llama grazing on there hay from the den. I love sitting in here working and watching. If I can't be with them outside I can at least watch them.
Spring is really coming! I am so ready as I am sure you all are! Enjoy it!
Good day!

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