Monday, March 14, 2011

Losing my mind...

As I earlier stated my parents , moved in this weekend. It has been a long process. We moved three vehicles full, three times on Saturday, and Two vehicles once on Sunday. Now we are try ing to get everything put away , get everybody organized and not to mention we do not have the one counter top yet! So with out it, we can't put anything in those cabinets. I am a picky house keeper. It doesn't have to to be spotless, just clean. I hate piles of dirt on floors, or stuff stacked in corners or chaos! And believe me this house is in chaos.
Now on that I have that off my shoulders!

These little goat kids are great! I love them all; Even though we got mainly bucks! I ended up bottle feeding my only doe. Her mom had a hard time during delivery. Then the doe was born with a lack of oxygen. So she had a hard start. She is noow doing great. She eats, pees, poos and even climbs all over my den. I wanted her to exercise. So I took books and small totes and made a play area! She loves it! She climbs up, then jumps off! She is going to be spoiled. I hope she remembers she is a goat and not a dog!

Our weather here is getting better and better; at least for now! I am ready to get some yard work done. I also want to let the goats get some exercise. I hope everybody ahs a great week and enjoys some great weather!

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