Friday, March 4, 2011

We are still waiting...

Getting ready for our farms first kids' has been a lot of work. Not to mention exhausting work. I have a paper sack full of old towels, shirts and rags. A Rubbermaid container with, gloves, lubricant,meds.,salves and all the other important supplies. I also have a bag full of adult diapers. I know this sounds weird. but they unfold and are large enough I can use them under the does as the babies come out. These were free and are in a surplus, so why not! We also have a baby monitor in the stall with the kids.

We have a divider in our stall the girls are in. I was worried about our dominate doe pushing our other does around. We have been keeping up on our two hour shifts, checking the girls in the barn for labor or even kids. All of the lack of sleep is getting hard, yet I know if we stop it, it will happen. I am not really anxious, just want to be sure I can be there for my girls. I would not want a women to deliver unattended, so it is my intention to be there for my girls.

 So these sleepless nights are reminding me of just how much these little goats mean to me. I have a "job" I work as much as I can. Yet it truly is not my love. These precious goats mean the world to me. Not only have I gotten attached, I enjoy watching them, petting them and creating ways to make our small land work for them. I think my life is taking a change. I am excited to think of the way things are going. for me, my family and this farm.

Until next time.


  1. Angie, I am enjoying your posts. I just love farm animals, and goats are a joy. Had one for a very short time. He was ill when we got him, unknown to us, and he died shortly thereafter. But they aare so cute and loving!! Thank you for all that your share! Blessings to you! Linda (from Scatteredlittleblessings)

  2. I am going to have dairy goats some day so keep us posted! It's nice to learn from you.


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