Friday, March 11, 2011

Last Doe...

Well early this morning my last pregnant doe went into labor. It was the hardest delivery so far. Both kids were trying to come out at the same time. So what I was seeing was four legs. Two front legs to one and two back ones to the other. I was finally able to call the vet, and calm myself down to sort out the legs. I shoved the back ones back and then it happened again, this time the head was visible. So I pushed the back legs back again and it worked.
 This kids was still hard for my doe to deliver. He weighed in at 3.75lbs! What a big boy! Then Cotton [mom] was just licking up the ground and ignoring her baby. I helped clean him off. She finally caught on to the clean up effort and was licking him. Then out came the next set of hoofs. It was a back legs first, normal breach. But Cotton was exhausted and was not pushing well. I finally got the baby delivered. It was my one and only girl! I was trying hard to get her going. She was trying to breathe, her tongue was to one side and she still couldn't do it. I ended up hanging her upside down and giving her a little swing. She was then pinking up and breathing. But still no noise. I tried to get Cotton to help. The vet tried to get Cotton to help this little girl out. She just didn't get it. I ended up bring in the baby girl and will be hand raising her. She is a sweet little thing. She is still unsteady on her feet. But she does try to get up and she is peeing and is ok. So please pray for her to keep doing well.

Here are the pics..
This is the little buck, his name is Daniel [above]

This the little doe, her name is Ruth.

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