Thursday, March 24, 2011

cold frames...

I love my gardden. I love all the food we harvest from it and I love all that we save by gardening. I have not bought a can of tomatoes [any kind, juice, spaghetti sauce etc] for years. I prefer our homemade salsa over any store bought! Now I do all of this with just my garden. No cold frames or green houses. I have asked repeatedly for a cold frame.
My husband is a city guy. And a cold frame has been a foreign language to him. I tried showing pictures, driving down the back roads I showed him some different methods cold frames. Still he was relutant to build me one. So last year when we replaced our bedroom windows, seven windows in all. I kept all the old windows knowing I could make a cold frame.
Now that my parents are living in our basement apartment it seems these two men [Dad and Hubs] have developed a competitive way! They tilled my garden for the first time this year, and made a cold frame! A COLD FRAME! I have been asking for one for at least three years.
Now these two men have been kicking out the projects left and right. My hubby even went to bed tonight so exhausted! I think my land is gonna look good this year!

Our days are longer and we are busier. I am milking for my little Ruth [only doe born], doing daily chores,preparing for garden season ,4-H , showing more houses and working Real Estate more and not to mention cooking for 8, and trying to keep up the house. Now do not get me wrong, my kids, MIL,hubs, and parents are helping. But I am a bit of a control freak and do alot of it or plan the projects to be worked on.
With all of this going on I literally do not even sit down till 8pm most nights! Now I only hope this helps the weight loss!

I will take some pictures of my new cold frames soon. I will also post my garden plans soon. Yes I have been working on my garden plans too!

Good day to you all! And enjoy the weather!

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