Friday, February 17, 2012

Flat Stanley

I received the most wonderful gift last week. Now I had never heard of this before. Maybe it is because my kids are older, well grown even. It all started when my friend text-ed me and asked if I would be ok is her sent her "son" for a week. At first I was shocked. See I have a lot of really close friends, friends I have only meet once. We have been chatting on the internet for years! But did I know her well enough to take care of her son. I would never have refused. I love all my friends and would be there for them always. I was just not sure about the timing. We are busy here. This is kidding season. I want to learn to make goat soap and of course since I am raising Nigerians I have some I have not breed yet and am breeding my does this year so I can be in milk all year.
 So I soon learned that Flat Stanley was a paper boy. A boy traveling to teach kids all about other areas, other cultures and other ways of living.
I received my young flat friend last weekend. Since then I have been taking pictures of Flat Stanley in my barns and in my house. I also was chatting about his arrival on a private Facebook page, with several of my long distant friends. Now all of them are jumping at Flat Stanley's arrival! We are all going to write a bit about our area and our lives, each of us sending the information straight to the class but forwarding Flat Stanley on to the next family! How exciting is this, Flat Stanley is going to visit all of us, maybe even link us all together!

Here are some photos of Flat Stanley's visit.

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